Terms & Conditions


This agreement is made between The Company and you, (the customer).  As business to business only sellers, distant selling arrangements do not apply.


Any verbal or written order will only be considered when accompanied by full payment as agreed between The Company and you, (the customer).  If the equipment is not new, it may have scratches and the odd dent as you would expect, parts fitted but will function as original, the unit will have been fully checked, cleaned and in working order. If an order exceeds 30 days then the balance must be paid in full to Seaforth, If we are asked to store equipment for a short period, then Seaforth must be given enough notification of the delivery date.


If free delivery is offered, a delivery date will be agreed between us, if you cannot take delivery on the agreed date and the fault is with you and not The Company, then delivery on a different date will be chargeable at a rate of £1.00 per mile (door to door).  If we agree a delivery time with you and you’re are not at the premises to take delivery, then a charge of £25 per hour or part thereof will be payable, before the equipment is unloaded from our van(s).

Delivery to site will not be made before balance is paid, we must have cleared funds before delivery.  Delivery date will be advised 48 hours beforehand.  Delivery dates will be adhered to as closely as possible, but cannot be guaranteed in unforeseen circumstances (Force Majeur).  Where a delivery is unable to be completed due to a situation not caused by The Company, the charge must be borne by you, (the customer).  Any delivery charge quoted may be altered after the figure has been quoted, i.e., a protracted delivery date is given, may be affected by fuel and wage increases during the time gap.  Where equipment is to be sited in an upstairs or inconvenient position, it is your (the customer) responsibility to make access available in respect of doorways, windows and walls etc, and to provide any extra lifting, scaffold and plant etc, which may be required.  When equipment is delivered, but not installed or put into use, the warranty period will start from the actual delivery date, any extension to the warranty period, if applicable, is at the discretion of Seaforth Refrigeration Ltd.  Offloading and placing in position is the customer’s responsibility.  You should check that the equipment will fit through the entrance to your premises.  Whilst delivery is kerbside only, we help you to get the equipment into your premises if possible, you must ensure that you have organised assistance to handle and move heavy goods once delivered.

All Goods shall be thoroughly inspected by the Customer upon delivery and any damages to the goods shall be reported to us by phone on 0151 284 1432 or by email to [email protected] within 24 hours after delivery. We shall not accept any liability for any damage or missing goods or be required to provide any replacement goods to any customer who fails to notify us of any damage within the 24-hour timeframe stipulated above.


Immediately the equipment is delivered to site, it is your responsibility to ensure insurance cover is in place.  The Company cannot be held responsible for loss of earnings/produce caused by breakdown of the equipment.  It is essential that the contents are covered by your own insurance as well as the equipment itself.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a contingency plan in place to cover machine failure.


The Company liability shall not in ANY event exceed the order price.


Any warranty offered will commence from the delivery date, will be detailed on the delivery note and will confirm what was offered at the point of sale.  Unless notified to the contrary we do not offer a labour warranty.  Please check your documents upon receipt and familiarise yourself with any warranty confirmed therein.

The following would immediately invalidate any warranty offered:

A Usage of AVR60 (BLOCK OIL)

B Overloading of produce, causing abnormal rise in temperature;

C Incorrect stacking of produce within the unit;

D Mishap caused by any electrical contractor through not making him/herself conversant with the operational requirement of the unit;

E Mishap caused by any member of staff not using the equipment in the manner for which It was intended.

Any warranty offered does not include timers, gaskets, silicone O rings, covers, filters, valves, baskets, lamps, fuses or welds, except at our discretion.  If we have offered a labour warranty, it is not possible to provide absolute cover, 7 days per week/24 hours per day, but an engineer should be with you within 72 hours of notification.  If you choose your own engineer, this will be at your cost and no reimbursement will be made in this respect.

7) VAT

Value added tax will be payable by you, (the customer), at the rate in force at the time delivery is made.


All deposits on Reconditioned equipment are STRICTLY NON REFUNDABLE, this is to cover our costs for the work undertaken to restore the equipment to a saleable standard and our engineering parts/costs.  All Equipment is not sold on a trial basis, check your measurements and exact requirements as there is a 30% re-stocking charge on all goods if the order is cancelled during the refurbishment process. Your funds will be refunded back to the payable account within 30 days for any orders cancelled or unused goods returned to our premises.

You are invited/strongly advised to visit our premises, Monday to Friday, 08:30am till 16:30pm to view the equipment on sale and we will be pleased to answer any queries at that time.