Henny Penny logo
Henny Penny

Recently transitioning into a co-operative business model, Henny Penny has been supplying high-quality catering equipment with a focus on fryers since 1957. With products known for reliability, ease of use and low operating costs, Henny Penny’s wide range of catering equipment can help you improve your catering business today.

Pitco Logo

Styling themselves as “The World’s Most Reliable Commercial Fryer Company” Pitco are rightfully respected for making some of the finest deep fat fryers and assorted equipment. Thanks to their research and development in frying techniques, Pitco have been able to create more efficient and effective fryers for better-tasting food.

taylor logo

Taylor Company’s roots trace back to 1926 and a humble ice cream shop run by a certain Charles Taylor. He’d grown weary of the painfully slow process of making ice cream. So, he turned the world upside down by inventing the very first automatic batch ice cream freezer.

Lincoln logo

As one of the largest conveyor oven manufacturers in the world, Lincoln have some of the most reliable and efficient models out there, perfect for cooking pizzas quickly and consistently. Thanks to their pioneering research into forced-air cooking (impingement), Lincoln have been on the cutting edge of the pizza slice for some time.

Middleby Marshall logo
Middleby Marshall

Established in 1888, Middleby Marshall are master of conveyor cooking ovens, supplying a wide range of products to suit all kinds of culinary techniques and capacities. Their products are designed to facilitate consistent cooking with faster bakes so you can deliver quick, reliable results every time.


Masters of all kinds of frying equipment and assorted paraphernalia, Frymaster are dedicated to creating durable and efficient catering equipment for all kinds of businesses. Harnessing intuitive designs and streamlining equipment, Frymaster focus on keeping things running swiftly and safely, allowing you to serve up great food quickly.

ayrking logo
AYR King

Pioneers in the breading and marinating areas, AYR King have developed a wide variety of custom solutions for the marinating and breading of meats before frying. With many large customers like KFC, Popeye’s and Dairy Queen, AYR King has helped many businesses to thrive and celebrate their unique selling points and recipes with bespoke solutions.


A leading manufacturer of ice cream equipment specialising in gelato, Carpigiani boasts over 70 years of industry experience and Italian passion. When it comes to gelato, sorbetto or ice cream, a Carpigiani machine is what you need to create restaurant-quality desserts every time.

Prince Castle

Rooted during the birth of the quick-service food industry, Prince Castle was founded in 1955 as an innovator in restaurant operational efficiencies. Prince Castle are inspired by quality, and operate under a simple goal: working to help you make food taste great. Prince Castle gain first-hand knowledge of world-wide industry demand by immersing themselves into real-world kitchens to address the challenges that plague your everyday kitchen operations