Fried Chicken Equipment

A tasty treat enjoyed the world over, succulent chicken coated in crispy batter can be tricky to get right, requiring specialised equipment to cook on a commercial scale. Our wide range of fried chicken equipment, from marinating and breading machines to deep fat fryers and broiling machines has everything you need to start cooking some of the finest fried chicken around.
Whether you want to buy your fryer new or refurbished, we have the finest equipment from big names to meet your needs and help you provide high-quality products to all your customers.

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  • Henny Penny PFE-500 & PFG-600
  • Henny Penny 8000G
  • Henny Penny HCW3
  • Henny Penny HCW5
  • Henny Penny 591 / 691
  • Seafroth Group SG-CW600 French Fries Chip Dump
  • Seaforth Group HCK15