Ice Cream Equipment

Serving the perfect scoop requires proper storage and equipment – a regular freezer just doesn’t have the chilling capacity for a business application. From soft serve machines to commercial-grade freezers, we have the equipment to help you serve up cool desserts all year round, including premium brands and refurbished units to meet your needs.
Our new and refurbished ice cream equipment will help you serve up excellent iced desserts with cool brands and refurbished units to meet all your refrigeration and ice cream dispensing needs.

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  • Carpigiani Classic Countertop 191 P SP
  • Carpigiani 191k Milkshake Machine
  • Carpigiani AES 261 Ice Cream Machine
  • Taylor 152 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
  • Taylor Combination Shake Sundae Machine C606
  • Taylor C707 Soft Serve Freezer
  • Taylor Heat Treatment Soft Serve Freezer C708